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Established in 2003, Hotway Technology Corporation is a Taiwan-based company, design, R&D and manufacture all in Taiwan.

Hotway is an OEM / ODM company, mainly targeting at computer peripheral design, R&D and manufacturer, has clients in America, Europe, Japan, Korea, Australia and countries in South East Asia.

Established in 2008, PROBOX is a brand of Hotway's,has done an amazing job in computer peripheral storages.

2012 is a booming year for smart device peripheral products, PROBOX has come up with a series of smart device peripheral products.

With 10-year experience, Hotway & PROBOX new product line is going to win your heart again !!!


2002 | Founding of Hotway Technology Corporation, parent company of Lisscode™

2008 | Development of the PROBOX™ brand that achieved the best sales performance in the US and Southeast Asia 

2011 | Began working with Taiwanese farmers in the cultivation and farming of Snow Mushrooms strains.

2012 | Initiated partnerships with Japanese battery manufacturers for mobile power sources. Acquired opportunities of collaboration with Chunghwa Telecom and FarEasTone.

2013 | Product won the prestigious iF design award. The Snow Mushrooms team successfully acquired the polysaccharide extraction technology in the same year.

2014 | Developed the Nekohako™ cat-themed mobile power source that achieved a great hit for the young women’s market.

2015 | Hosted a global design competition and participated in the Taiwan Designers’ Week, attracting the attention of many media companies. 

2016 | An R&D team with 15 years of experience became part of the Taiwan Snow Mushrooms program. Successful development of the Lisscode™ brand after 2 years of preparation.