Toush Stylus + Pan

Ultra slim ultra portable

  • Stylus with writing pen, 2 in 1 design.
  • Stylus tip replaceable: Loosen the tip holder to replace stylus tip
  • Standard ballpoint pen refill design.
  • Clip design for easy carrying Easy to remove callus and keratins of the feet with different speed
  • Stylus supports smartphone, tablet PC, and AIO devices with capacitive touch screen.
  • (Compatible with Apple iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.)
    • Stylus Tip:Ø 6 mm Silicon + Graphite

    • Dimension:Ø 9.0 mm X 133.7mm

    • Pen:Compatible withPen Body:Black / White / Silver Gray

    • Weight: 25g 

    • Dimensions: 57.4(W)x24.1(D)x82.6(H)mm


designed and manufactured in Taiwan best quality and reliability.